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Medical treatment

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Update Time : 2022-06-16

In the past 20 years, the global silicone rubber products have developed rapidly at the rate of more than 15% every year. At present, the global market scale of silicone rubber has reached 6 billion US dollars, has Been recognized by the medical community, more and more widely used, many large companies to medical silicone rubber as the main goal of development, medical silicone rubber has made great progress. Silicone products are widely used in the medical industry in brain surgery, Otolaryngology, thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, internal medicine, urology, orthopaedics and orthopaedics, such as artificial skull, artificial nose, gastric tube, artificial peritoneum, artificial finger joint, artificial skin, soft tissue expander, artificial breast and so on. Secondly, silicone can also be used to make artificial heart valves, artificial lungs, bone adhesives, artificial skin, burn dressings, pacemaker insulators, sutures, splints, catheters, blood vessels, tracheas, dental materials, insertion materials, family planning products, etc. , it is widely used.

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